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Ford Ranchero in blueThis coupe utility was developed based on compact, full-size and transitional vehicles by Ford Motor Co. This model was designed with an internal cab and cargo bed all through its production. Almost 508,355 units were manufactured during its production run. Modern Rancheros are sensibly collectible, although they are often disregarded in favor of the Chevrolet El Camino that remains in production for almost eight years.

Among the Ford Ranchero’s features include bucket seats, 250 cu in I6 to 302 cu in V8 engines, front power disc brakes, AM/FM radio and a vinyl top. Ford Ranchero was considered the first of its type being the first automobile that has a truck bed. This car line has been changed five times in its several years of production with many body style changes. It was offered in the customary and standard model, attributing body side molding and more ornate interior finishing. Limited edition Ford Rancheros were produced with dash board, all leather interior, trim scheme and special paint color.

Estimated Price Range for Used Ford Ranchero: $3500-$34,000
Estimated MPG for Used Ford Ranchero: n/a
Available Trims: Ranchero
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