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Ford Model T in blackFord Model T became popular in 1908 when it was regarded as the first reasonably priced automobile. The first production of this model was made on September 27, 1908 in Michigan. Childe Harold Wills designed this model together with Joseph A. Galamb and Eugene Farkas. In an international poll, this model was named the most influential automobile of the 20th century.

Among the features of Ford Model T include 2.9 liter four-cylinder motor and an engine that is capable of running kerosene, gasoline and ethanol. This rear-wheel drive vehicle’s transmission is controlled with 3 foot pedals and one lever that were mounted to the driver’s seat roadside. There were some changes all through the life of this vehicle. Primitive ones had brass headlights and radiator.

Over 30 different sorts of black paint were utilized on various elements of Ford Model T to satisfy the varying ways of applying paint to the different parts.

Estimated Price Range for Used Ford Model T: $6,500-$34,000
Estimated MPG for Used Ford Model T: 25 mpg avg.
Available Trims: Model T
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