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Ford Explorer Sport in WhiteThe Ford Explorer Sport practically screams newness, as it looks very familiar, yet very refurbished and new. As a replacement of the Ford Bronco II as the Ford Motor Company’s mid-sized sport utility vehicle or SUV, the Ford Explorer Sport is available on a 2-door type with a wheelbase of 102.1 inches and a 4-door type with a wheelbase of 111.9 inches. The 2-door used a 102.1-inch wheelbase, and the 4-door type with a 111.9-inch wheelbase. In the first generation release of the Ford Explorer Sport, the SUV ran on one engine only – a V6 with 4-liter fuel capacity.

The Ford Explorer Sport is lauded for its very capable room for both passengers and cargo. The V8 acceleration is highly appreciated by owners, as well as its anti-lock brakes and 4-wheel drive traction. The loud engine and wind noise, and lack of fuel economy prove to be disadvantages for the SUV.

Base MSRP for New Ford Explorer: $28,360
Estimated MPG for Used Ford Explorer: 17 City/25 Hwy
Available Trims: base, XLT, Eddie Bauer, Limited, Sport
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