Used Dodge Power Wagon

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The Dodge Power Wagon started its engines in 1946 after being pattered to the army truck. Sporting a 4 speed transmission, the military swoon over the powerful drag that can easily pull as much as 3,000 pounds worth of arsenal.

Although the Dodge Power Wagon turned off its ignition when a new federal law mandating lighter truck safety regulations was signed, it became one of the platforms to be followed on if a company was to manufacture war vehicles.

Unfortunately, the Dodge Power Wagon blew its last horn in 1981 when a newer version was created in its memory – that is the Dodge Power Raw that packs up a wheel automatic transmission on 1993.

Ask any military person and they will let you in some stories on how the have converted the Dodge Power Wagon into an ambulance, and some times even a radio truck.

Estimated Price Range for Used Dodge Power Wagon: $600-$7,000
Estimated MPG for Dodge Power Wagon: 12 City/18 Hwy
Available Trims: SLT, SXT
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Dodge Power Wagon playing in the mud