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Back in 1965 when competition was heating up among prestigious auto makers, Buick’s muscle car took the form of the Skylark, which was powered by a401 V-8 engine. The Skylark later offered the V-6 option. The earlier 1953 model in flaming red was the type that you’d see in most old movies. Skylark versions back then had a wraparound windscreen and plenty of chrome trim. The vehicle had a front-mounted V-8 engine; powered convertible fabric roof; power steering, brakes & windows; and 40-spoke chrome wire wheels. The vehicle was on the pricey side, which affected sales.

Fast forward to 1996. Buick by this time had churned out several Skylark models: Custom, Limited, and Gran Sport 2-door coupes and 4-door sedans, and the Olympic Gold 4-door sedan. Skylark undergoes a transformation inside out, with all models incorporating modern safety features including dual airbags and anti-lock brake system (ABS). The Skylark 1996 model year took on a more conventional-looking grille.and faded from the scene in the next couple of years, with Buick buyers gravitation towards the mid-sized Century.

Estimated Price Range for Used Buick Skylark: $1,000-$23,000
Estimated MPG for Buick Skylark: 18 City/27 Hwy
Available Trims: base Skylark, custom
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