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Bentley Motors has a line of luxury cars called the Bentley Arnage. The Arnage and its sibling in the Rolls-Royce brand, the Silver Seraph, were unveiled in 1998. The Arnage and the Silver Seraph were Bentley and Rolls-Royce’s first entirely new designs since 1980. The Arnage is produced in the Bentley car factory in Crewe, England. What set the Arnage apart from other Bentley vehicles was that it ran on a BMW V8 engine. The Volkswagen takeover of the Bentley brand in 1998 caused changes to be done to the vehicle, as the BMW engine was not as fuel efficient and did not meet emission standards.

The reverted old model was branded “Arnage Red Label” while a version with Bentley making substantial modifications to the original BMW engine cars was branded as the “Arnage Green Label”. The Green Label came out for the 2000 model year. However, both Red and Green Labels were modified in the areas of leg room (which was expanded), body shells (which became stiffer), wheels (which became larger) and new equipment introduced, for example, integrated satellite navigation. Production of the Arnage will see its last year in 2009. a replacement model, rumored to be dubbed as the “Grand Bentley,” is set to be launched in August 2009.

Estimated Price Range for Used Bentley Arnage: $34,500-$183,777
Estimated MPG for Used Bentley Arnage: 10 City/15 Hwy
Available Trims: Base, T, Red Label, R
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