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Audi AG high performance is written all over the Audi RS6 which was manufactured for limited time scales only. Available in 2002-2004 and relaunched in 2008, the Audi RS6 comes in two body styles, five-door estate/wagon (Avant) and four-door saloon/sedan, powered by 4.2 L V8 40V engines.

This powerhouse is capable of a 0-100 kilometer-per-hour (62.1 mph) acceleration in 4.6 seconds, and eventually hit 200 kilometers per hour (124.3 mph) in 16.8 seconds. Top speed has been registered for the Audi RS6 250 kilometers per hour (155.3 mph).

Price Range for Used Audi RS6: $20,000-$37,000
Estimated MPG for Used Audi RS6: 14 City/20 Hwy
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