Superb AC Schnitzer S3 Cabrio


N Yet again the BMW group amazes us with a new superb model, only now, in partnership with AC Schnitzer. The new AC Schnitzer S3 Cabrio, an upgrade to BMW 3 Series Cabrio is a 5 stars Convertible. The new bodykit was realized by the AC Schnitzer designers. They said that the design should have a more natural form. And if we take a look at the AC Schnitzer S3 Cabrio, we can say that their mission succeeded. The rear view of the Convertible is the classic 3-Series, but the side and the front skirts reflect the special AC Schnitzer design. The bodykit creates an aerodynamic car illusion and enhances the sporting design. The interior of the car is equipped with many high quality accessories. Some of these accessories that deserves to be mentioned are the AC Schnitzer Speedometer, where the maximum value that is shown is 300 km/h, the carbon steering wheel trim in silver Exclusive and the aluminum pedals. All these combined create an exquisite athmosphere. The car is equipped with AC Schnitzer racing rims. The rear rims are 10″ and the front ones are 9″, the suspension system is based also on racing technology, therefore almost transforming this model into a racing car. AC Schnitzer S3 Cabrio has a diesel engine that provides 265 HP. Originally it was a standard 231 HP diesel engine , but AC Schnitzer developed a power pack so now the engine provides 265 HP. Another engine for this Cabrio is in developing, that will provide 306 HP. For that one we will have to wait , won’t we ?