Pontiac Solstice GXP Coupe

The 2009 Pontiac Solstice Coupe GXP is going to be a lot like classic sports cars, but with a more modern look of course. The Solstice is created for the driver who absolutely loves great styling and a balanced performance. It was released at the 2008 New York Auto Show. They don’t expect to start production on this vehicle until sometime in 2008 and they say not to expect these Coupes in the Pontiac dealers until early 2009.

pontiac solstice gxp coupe
The Solstice is based on the convertible, and now they have designed it to perform in all weather and terrain. There is still an adjustable roof panel which opens up the roof and roadway to the driver and passengers of this luxury vehicle. The Solstice is the top selling roadster in the US right now and with this new release, it looks to further itself in the front of the pack.

pontiac solstice gxp coupe side view
This coupe comes with a 2.4L with 173HP as well as the GXP hoontastic 260HP 2.0L turbo mill. The Solstice will be sold for roughly $30,000 a piece and they look to sell out at that price. The official price hasn’t been determined yet, and one major setback is that the Solstice may not have any trunk space whatsoever. The release of this vehicle at the Auto Show was huge and it was even accompanied by 50 Cent, which must be great exposure for a car.

pontiac solstice gxp coupe front view
The Pontiac Solstice has been being hyped up for a little while now and a lot of people sure can’t wait for the actual release of this car to the general public. It will be in a reasonable price range and most people will be able to purchase this one for their collection. It’s a great collection piece for any sports enthusiast and I expect to see quite a few of these on the roads come 2009.

pontiac solstice gxp coupe back view