The Z9 Gran Turismo concept car has been revealed in 1999, at the Frankfurt Auto Show. It will be making now an entrance on North American Market, with the presentation debut at the New York International Auto Show.
The interior has all the new technology and a very ergonomic design.
The Z9 BMW will be a 2 seated roadster, having a textile roof and probably with an option for hardtop.
There are many control functions that can be controlled very easily from the multifunction Knob located between the front seats.
The doors can be opened by 2 ways: conventionally and in gull wing style.Also, in the centre of the dashboard there is placed an 8.8 inch monitor which gives the driver all the information needed while driving.
Gears (Steptronic transmission) can be shifted buy accessing the buttons mounted on the steering wheel or with the dash-mounted lever.The doors can be opened by 2 ways: conventionally and in gull wing style.
The car is propelled by the V-8 turbo diesel, which has been produced for the first time for the BMW 7 Series 740d model. It produces 413 lbs./ft (560 Nm) of torque, maintained constantly at 1750 and 2500 rpm and it has a maximum power of 245 hp.
The engineers from BMW have designed the supersports car with the engine mounted in the front side and the traction transmitted to the back wheels.
Sources from BMW declared that they expect sales of approximately 15000 pcs per year, which means almost 3 times more than its pre-decessor Z8 (a little over 5700 units per year)
The Z9 will be certainly able to compete with cars like Mercedes SL or Audi R8.
As price horizon, a future series Z9 can reach approximately 100 000 Euro.