The BMW M1 is a high performance sports car manufactured in between the years 1978-1981.

The BMW M1 is hand built and it was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, an Italian automobile designer. A total of seven units were built in the year 1978 and a total of 456 units have been manufactured in between the years 1978-1981.

BMW M1 480

The BMW M1 was well noted for its success in the racing, it also won the 1984 Group B championship and it was also named as “Ten Best Sports Cars of 1970s” in the year 2004 by the “Sports Car International” Magazine.

The BMW M1 is also the only car to feature a mid engine. It consisted of a twin-cam 3.5 L six cylinder gasoline engine and the BMW M1 has been renamed as BMW 745i in Africa. A total of 209 units have been manufactured with this engine in between the years 1984-1986 in Africa. The engine delivered an output power of 273 bhp and the top speed is about 162 mph in the street versions and the racing versions delivered an output power of 850 bhp.


Vehicle Type: 2-door sportscar
Configuration: Mid Engine
Engine: twin-cam 3.5 L 6-cylinder gasoline engine
Capacity: 3453 cc
Horsepower: 273 bhp in street version and 850 bhp in racing versions
Top speed: 162 mph

Overlook of theBMW M1