BMW Concept CS

BMW is signalling that soon, the fight of the giants from the premium category will be much tuffer also in the Gran Turismo sport segment. In other words, Maserati Gran Turismo and especially Mercedes Benz CLS will have from the part of the constructor vabaver a great competitor.BMW has presented at the end of last week the prototype of a four-door luxury car, as result of the BMW experience in what concern the production of models capable of offering exceptional performances and excellent comfort for more than two passengers.BMW Concept CS is (for now) a study for a Gran Turismo car from the luxury segment, with modern and sophisticated design, in a modern interpretation of the premium model, with great attention to detail, refined material choice and an exceptional execution. The body is according to the European style standards, with accent on the fluid aspect, with lowered pavilion and weight centre and increased axle base, while the interior is dominated with an innovative design, where a great attention has been given to functionality. The sport chairs best illustrate Ergonomy and comfort for the four passengers.The exterior design is expressive, dynamic with a reinterpretation of the classical BMW line. The sporty characters accentuated by the aerodynamic profile, the curved wings and the rims made of light alloy on 21 inches. The elegance and the innovation are completed by the LED technology used at headlights and by the elongate posterior optical groups covered in clear glass.At the interior, the attention is drawn by the “stratified” surfaces and by the important controls ergonomically placed the comfort in driving being offered by the optimal placement of controls and displays. The interior superior quality finishing is underlined by the contrasting colours, the leather surfaces and the introduction of ceramic materials on controls. The engine is a 6.0 liter V12, which is actually the M5 5.0 liter V10 with 2 extra cylinders.If this concept will become reality in the series production and how hard it will be for BMW to fight a market segment that is now at full development, it remains to be seen.