2014 Mazda Hazumi Concept

The 2014 Mazda Hazumi is a concept vehicle that was made to give the public a preview of what the next-gen Mazda 2 will look like.

The name Hazumi means to “spring up” or to “bind” in Japanese.

The concept car received a new look which mirrors the styling of the later models of the Mazda 6 and Mazda 3.


General Info
Vehicle Type: Hatchback Base Price: NA
Length: 160.2 in. (407 cm) Wheel Base: 101.8 in. (258.6 cm)
Height: 57.1 in. (145 cm) Width: 68.1 in. (172.9 cm)
Curb Weight: NA Maximum Seating: 2+2
Engine: Inline 3 SkyActiv-Diesel Displacement: 1.5 Liter


The Hazumi premiers the SKYACTIV-D 1.5 liter engine, which is a compact and clean diesel engine that focuses on maximum efficiency. This is much like the ultra-efficient internal combustion of the SKYACTIV-D 2.2, which is a bigger engine.

The SKYACTIV-D 1.5 liter engine has reduced CO2 emissions with an impressive rate of under 90 g/km. This fulfills the Euro 6 requirements without having after treatments.
Exterior & Interior

The same angular headlights of the newer models are seen on this concept car. A contoured grille as well as a sculpted signature wing is featured.

The interior boasts of a light and youthful impression. There is a comfortable feeling of openness, which is brought about by the suspended center console. This creates more room for the driver at the foot wells of the cabin.


The Hazumi focuses on different safety technologies which are based on Mazda Proactive Safety system. This is designed to help drivers minimize the risks of getting involved in an accident. The new technologies aim to give drivers peace of mind while on the road.

The car delivers very agile driving, yet delivers linear performance and a sense of security.

The KODO designed car has sleek and bold lines. It is equipped with Mazda’s SKYACTIV fuel-saving technologies. The concept car is Mazda’s new Mazda 2 model, which is a supermini automobile.

It focuses on safety and a sense of security for the driver. It is also equipped with new technologies which allow the driver and other passengers to utilize cabin technology through the use of their Smartphone.