2013 Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R Concept

Toyota recently released a new concept car that has the potential of being one of the first hybrid racing car.

The 2013 Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R Concept is based on the 3-door model of the line, featuring several visual improvements and a reworked drivetrain and transmission that offer a four-wheel drive capability which is rather uncommon for such compact cars.2013-Toyota-Yaris-Hybrid-R-Concept-test-track-A


General Info
Vehicle Type: Hybrid Hatchback Base Price: NA
Fuel Tank Capacity: 11.1 gals (42 L) MPG: NA
Length: 15.9 in. (388.5 cm) Wheel Base: 98.8 in. (251 cm)
Height: 59.4 in. (151 cm) Width: 66.7 in. (169.5 cm)
Engine: 4 Cylinder Inline Turbo Displacement: 1.6 Liter
Horsepower: 300 HP Max RPM: NA
Torque: 310 lb-ft Transmission: 6-Speed Sequential

* Yaris Entry Specs


The Yaris Hybrid-R is powered by a 1.6 liter four-cylinder engine capable of a total output of 300 horsepower.

Its rear wheels are powered by a two 60 horsepower electrics motor used also in the classic Yaris Hybrid. Each wheel is powered individually and combined with the petrol engine; the car is capable of a combined output of 420 horsepower.2013-Toyota-Yaris-Hybrid-R-Concept-beat-the-driver-B


Using the two electric motors to power the rear axle, this Yaris Hybrid concept adds more grip improving road stability and handling at high speeds.

The exterior design of the Hybrid-R include carefully placed air vents to ensure improved downforce and better aerodynamics. All these additions give this Yaris an edge which is typical for sports cars.


The Hybrid-R Concept features a large trapeze-shaped front air vent accompanied by slim and extended headlights. Another pair of air vents have been placed discreetly on the side.

The entire concept car is painted in white with blue elements on the side skirts and front bumper.

Its rear features a discrete spoiler placed right above the rear window. Below the window, two tail lights have been placed and extended towards the side of the car.2013-Toyota-Yaris-Hybrid-R-Concept-more-testing-C


The concept design of the Yaris Hybrid-R introduces multiple elements that make it one of the few 3-door compact models to come in 4-wheel drive.

Gas consumption and CO2 emissions have been reduced while the comfort level of the interior has been raised.