2013 Toyota Me.We Concept

While it may not be impressive at first glance, the 2013 Toyota Me.We Concept is quite the engineering marvel. The carmaker formed an alliance with acclaimed designer Jean-Marie Massaud to create this unique vehicle.

The primary objective that went into crafting this vehicle are forward thinking, consolidation plus usefulness and personalization based on lifestyle.
2013-Toyota-ME.WE-Concept-profile A

Engine & Performance

As you may have guessed by now, the Toyota Me.We Concept car is electric powered. Each wheel contains its own electric motor allowing the capability of an efficient 2 or 4 wheel drive function. The car batteries are located beneath the floor.


It looks like one of the cars featured in Disney’s “Cars” movie rather than an assembly line. Its front fa├žade is comprised of 2 headlights and a single strip “grille”. Its profile is short and rectangular.

One large circular handle affords entry via the front or rear doors. The rear view showcases mostly window with a large rear bumper with tiny taillights. Its body is made from aluminum coated with a polypropylene outer shell.

2013-Toyota-ME.WE-Concept-versatile B


The inside of the 2013 Me.We Concept is reminiscent of a vessel made for water rather than the road. Its floors are bamboo, another concession to the environment. The seats are thin, once again reminding you more of nautical benches than of those for a driving machine.

The steering wheel adds an aeronautical flavor as well. Perhaps it most interesting interior feature is that of a single screen that displays all car information.

However, the 2013 Toyota Me.We Concept is not about appearances. It is instead concerned with adaptability and effectiveness. Each individual body panel can be reconfigured to suit most everyone’s needs.

It is an everyday use urban vehicle, off roader, convertible and pick up all in one! The Me and We in its name literally refers to the car being good for you, while also for others around you. It is environmentally friendly to the greatest extent.

It is even bio-degradable with much of its materials recyclable. It weighs just 1,653 pounds, 20% lighter than other models of its proposed market segment.
2013-Toyota-ME.WE-Concept-blowing-doors-open 12013-Toyota-ME.WE-Concept-inside 32013-Toyota-ME.WE-Concept-choices-2_3