2013 Toyota i-Road Concept PMV

The Toyota i-Road Concept is not exactly a car in the traditional definition of the word. It looks more like a motorcycle with a hood and three wheels – but it is much, much more than that.

The Toyota i-road PMV (personal mobility vehicle) is perfect for a busy urban environment that simply does not have enough parking spaces. Even with its size limitation, it offers enough room for a driver and another person to comfortably ride in it. The driver and the passenger seat in tandem inside the vehicle.
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Fuel is expensive, that’s a fact. Not only is it expensive, but using a gas powered vehicle can really affect the environment. You may find that the Toyota PMV is a suitable alternative.

It is completely electric and utilizes a lithium ion battery. The battery provides power to the electric motors at the front. It is silent, and on a full charge, you have a range of 31 miles (50 km). When it is time to re-charge, simply plug it into any electrical outfit at home. Your vehicle will be charged and ready to go within three hours.
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This is the perfect vehicle for those that do not have the space for a car but are not willing to take a risk associated with most two-wheel vehicles. This vehicle makes it much easier for commuters to drive in inclement weather – a big risk on a motorcycle.

Unlike cars, however, these vehicles are really compact and give the driver a great amount of flexibility.
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