2013 Mitsubishi CA-MIEV Concept

Experts believe that Mitsubishi is pushing the envelope with the CA-Miev Concept. In the past, the i-MIEV has had a regular spot at Mitsubishi show booths across the world.

This electric car gained a nickname due to its rounded appearance. However, it looks as though the brand is attempting to showcase more. The Mitsubishi CA-Miev Concept is a futuristic version of Mitsubishi’s i-Miev. It has an elongated shape and many added features. It is worth noting that the “CA” in the name stands for the phrase “compact and advanced”.2013-Mitsubishi-CA-MiEV-Concept-nice-windshield-A


It will have an 80-kW charger, motor and inverter unit to go with a 28-kWh lithium ion battery, and capability for wireless charging. The vehicle can go up to 186 miles on a full charge. It also has the ability to send emergency emails if the vehicle is stolen.


Many believe that the features described above are astonishing. The reason behind this is that most mid-sized EVs can only go 80 to 100 miles. The longer distance means that the brand is touting this model as a “suburban EV”.
In fact, they say it has about one week’s worth of driving range for the average driver. Drivers that need more range may be able add a range-extender to the vehicle’s battery pack.

Looking Ahead

While the CA-Miev debuted in March 2013, consumers should not plan to see it on the market anytime soon. Mitsubishi says the car is not going to be manufactured. Instead, they will use it to showcase the various technologies Mitsubishi plans to implement in the future.

The features on this car may be added to current Mitsubishi vehicles. While this is good news, the CA Miev will not be available to consumers for at least a couple of years. In short, the CA-Miev is a great insight into how manufacturers will implement certain technologies into future vehicles.