2013 BMW X4 Concept

Shrouded in a cloak of mystery, the 2013 BMW X4 Concept remains mum of the engine.

There is no doubt that people are looking forward to what lies ahead with this X4 Concept.

Speculation from different sources believe that the engine may be what the X3 has, a 2.0 liter Inline 4 twin turbo that pushes 240 horsepower at 5000 rpm and 260 lb-ft of torque.


General Info
Vehicle Type: Sports Activity Vehicle Base Price: NA
Length: 183 in. (464.8 cm) Wheel Base: 110.6 in. (281 cm)
Height: 63.9 in. (162.2 cm) Width: 75.4 in. (191.5 cm)


The X4 Concept looks more like a 5-door hatchback than an SUV, and at the front you will notice a kidney grille that has always been associated with BMW. The grille comes with LED lights, and at the rear are dual exhausts.

The 21 inch rims of the X4 provide a handsome profile. The car is available in different colors, but no matter which color you choose, you can’t go wrong.


BMW has been quiet about what the interior of the BMW X4 concept, they have yet to release photos of the interior. However, rumors are that it will be similar to the X3. That means you can expect ample room for both driver and passengers.

You may expect comfortable leather seating and a state of the art stereo system.