2013 Acura NSX Concept

The 2013 Detroit Auto Show unveiled yet another avatar of the Acura NSX concept supercar. Car enthusiasts were expecting a production version of Acura NSX.

However, Acura decided to wait a bit more, and now presents another version of the NSX concept.
2013-Acura-NSX-Concept-in-the-studio A

The Acura NSX concept is equipped with an all-new Sport-Hybrid SH-AWD (Super-Handling All Wheel Drive) with three electric motor hybrid system. The new hybrid system combines a 3.5 liter V6 engine with an electric motor of 40 horsepower and two additional electric motors of 27 horsepower each powers the front wheels.

The engine is complemented by a dual-clutch transmission. The performance parameters of this car have not been released by the company but we expect an extremely quick performance by this car, thanks to the new SH-AWD hybrid system.


Just like the previous version, the new NSX concept is marked by a clean, simple, yet modern surface enhanced by smooth lines. The design of the car is sporty and gives an appearance designed for speed.

For the first time, enthusiasts got a look at the interior of the NSX. The inside is as attractive as outside. The cabin provides a cockpit feel complemented by maroon leather to go with sport bucket seats. Overall, Acura has checked off all the right boxes with this concept vehicle.
2013-Acura-NSX-Concept-not-quite-the-same B

The release of the Acura NSX production version is uncertain. With Acura’s penchant for perfection, we may yet see another NSX concept before the actual production version is rolled out.

However, the company seems to be moving closer to a final production with few, if any surprises. The Acura NSX would be in directly competition with the upcoming BMW i8 and Lexus LF-LC. Expect the production model to be priced northwards of the $100,000 mark.
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