2012 Porsche 918 Spyder Martini Racing Design Prototype

The 2012 Porsche 918 Spyder Martini Racing Design Prototype, is being followed keenly by many people, bearing in mind it is just in its early stages.


The 2012 Porsche 918 Spyder Martini, uses a 570 horsepower 4.7L V8 hybrid engine that combines with 2 electric motors at the front and rear axles to generate a total of 770 hp. The combination enables this supercar to sprint from standstill to 60 mph in less than 3.0 seconds, reaching a top speed of over 200 mph. The fuel economy of this vehicle is estimated at 3 liters in every 100 km, equaling to about 70 gram of carbon dioxide per kilometer.

Other performance related features include: a 6.8 kWh capacity Lithium-ion battery, electro-mechanical power steering and hybrid braking system with adaptive recuperation.


General Info
Vehicle Type: Coupe Base Price: NA
Length: 177 in. (449.5 cm) Wheel Base: 104.3 in. (264.9 cm)
Height: 43 in. (109.2 cm) Width: 76 in. (193 cm)
Engine: 4.6L V8 Hybrid Horsepower: 770 HP (combined)
0-60 mph: 3.0 seconds Maximum Speed: 200 mph (325 km/h)


This supercar has an athletic look, with a monocoque body made of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) material. This does not only reduce the overall weight of the car, but also leads to incredible precision and rigidity.


On the inside, you can expect to see an enormous center console with a large LCD touch screen monitor. Below the screen, there are control interfaces and dials. In addition you will find a red indicator that will show the gear in place, and easy to see gauges that help the driver.

Most of the interior is made from carbon fiber materials. The sporty seats come with the 918 Spyder logo stitched onto the headrest. Other notable interior features include aluminum paddles and tachometer that has a 9000 rpm redline.

Other key highlights of the 2012 Porsche 918 Spyder Martini Racing Design Prototype include: adaptive rear axle steering, variable aerodynamics, and top pipes exhaust system routing the pipes upwards.

All in all, the development of this supercar continues steadily, and with the tests trials at the Nurburgring track in Germany entering critical stage; many people are keenly waiting for this car to be released.