2011 Renault Wind Roadster Gordini

To be released at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show on 1 March 2011, is the Renault Wind Roadster Gordini. It is an exclusive model that is aimed to expand the coupe-roadster market. This chic two-seater is considered a driver’s car. This convertible is based on the Twingo, but its flip-top roof is the same as the Ferrari 575 Superamerica.

The Gordini sports a 17-inch alloy wheels black diamond, Malta bodywork , features a blue with white stripes trademark twin, Glacier white door mirrors, rear wing trim and grille, gloss black roof and a badge marked with a ‘G’ complete the look Gordini. It also has a 17 inch alloy rims with Y spokes having the same color as the body. The usual wind-logo, has set behind the driver’s door does set aside for the Gordini trade name plate.

On the interior side of the Wind Roadster Renault Gordini, the gear lever gaiter is fitted with leather and polished metal gearshift bearing the name of Gordini. The seating features black leather upholstery and blue, blue doors and white rope and a blue leather steering wheel with signature stripes and white in the middle.

As for the engine, the Renault Gordini is the same as other models. It has a 1.2 turbo petrol 100 hp and a 1.6 naturally aspirated 133 hp. Hopefully, this French car manufacturer can rise up to the challenge of marketing this vehicle in Asia.