2011 Novitec Ferrari California RACE 606

The newest version of the Ferrari California, dubbed as RACE 606, has a top speed of 201.95 mph, propelled by a 606 hp supercharged engine. Its performance is indeed impressive being able to reach 62 mph from 0 in less than 3.8 seconds.

Another impressive feature about this car is its aerodynamic design. With this level of performance, it is understandable why the designers of the RACE 606 had to develop body components that could reduce lift to optimize stability at high speeds. The front and rear spoilers not only complete the racing look of this car, they also contribute to the car’s stability.

The RACE 606 suspension system is also impressive. The racing springs drops the car’s height by 35 mm. In order to make the car suitable for every day use, the hydraulic front lift system raises the car by 40mm to navigate speed bumps and other obstacles. This system is activated with a single push of a button and the car can revert to its original position with another push of the button or when the car reaches a speed of 80 km/h.

Customers of the RACE 606 have the option to customize the interior of the car in any desired color. The carbon-fiber elements can be requested to match the exterior of the car.