2011 Mini Rocketman Concept

The 2011 Mini Rocketman Concept resembles the classic Mini, but boasts of highly-advanced features on the inside. The model boasts of wide-opening doors featuring double-hinge joints for better access. Only slightly longer than the original Mini, this model comes with customizable seats that may be arranged – capable of seating three adults.

Compared to older models, the 2011 Mini Rocketman Concept has better head room for its occupants plus a body made mostly of carbon for a light and efficient run. An inside peek of the vehicle will show its futuristic design with multifunction buttons installed on the wheel spoke. This allows the user to gain access to a wide range of actions including in-car internet, front-line controls and even the volume and audio system.

The new model efficiently combines classic designs with innovative functions that make it such a pleasure to drive. It also provides maximum space for the user with a split two-part tailgate that can be opened to an extremely high level. The compartment in the car makes it possible for the vehicle to carry luggage even when occupied by four individuals. The innovative loading system also ensures that the luggage is protected from harsh elements and kept out of sight during travel.