2011 Chevrolet Tahoe

According to some reviews, the 2011 Chevrolet Tahoe is number 1 in its class and price range. This car has impressive capacity, strength, and safety features. These are reasons why this SUV is the vehicle of choice by most people.


This Chevy Tahoe has a 5.3 litres V8 engine which produces 320 horsepower and 325 pound feet torque. Moreover, handling the car is also at high point for its users. Steering and braking gives the driver the confidence needed in controlling this SUV.

Like its sister model, the Chevrolet Suburban, the Tahoe also has a fuel management system. This system shuts down the engines number 8 cylinder when it is not needed, thus, improving the car’s fuel economy ability. Despite the fact that the car has this system, some of its users still complain with the consumption of fuel that Tahoe renders. This maybe is the only deficiency in its performance.

Exterior & Interior

The overall design of the Tahoe was given a high rating. The exterior of the car takes an angular, sleek, and aerodynamics likable looks. On the other hand, its interior has a lot of space, is very luxurious, is well-equipped, and has very comfortable seats. There are nine seats available on the car.

Some of the equipment available in the car are an AM/FM/CD player, zone climate control, and built-in camera. Moreover, the seats of Tahoe can be removed to increase its cargo capacity. Through those features in its design, it was rated as good by most of its users.

Reliability & Safety

In terms of reliability, the 2011 Tahoe scored 8 out of 10. That rating was based on the car’s manufacturers past reliability records, extensive studies, and historical quality which are the things that make the score very trustable. Tahoe come with a 100,000 miles or 5 years or 6 years warranty on its purchase. This adds a little point on its reliability score.

The safety ability of the Chevy Tahoe was also highly rated by its reviewers. It was given an “excellent” score by most of the people. The score was based on the previous crash tests made by the government boards on its 2010 version. The car gained a perfect score on side, frontal, rear, rollover crash tests. Some of the things that are installed on the car which are the reason of its high safety ratings are airbags on different sides, traction control, and other safety standards on SUVs.

The Competition

For people who want more comfortable seats than the ones on Tahoe, it will be a good idea to check Ford Expedition (MSRP $36,305; 14 city / 20 hwy) and Toyota Sequoia (MSRP $40,930; 14 city / 20 hwy).


  • Top performer
  • Large Capacity
  • Good overall design
  • Included in 2010 most safe cars


  • Did not fully reduce fuel usage
  • Not good choice for people who are not engage in towing large things
  • Its large-size looks from the outside seems to be a disadvantage
  • Not yet crash tested on 2011

The 2011 Chevrolet Tahoe is the most recommended car model for people who are looking for powerful, high capacity, and reasonably priced SUV cars.

Overall Rating
76 out of 100

What others say:

“The 2011 Chevrolet Tahoe is spacious and comfortable—with high-quality materials to boot—though the third-row design is clunky.”Car Connection

“Alert reactions to steering. These are tall, heavy vehicles, so they never feel nimble. But there’s no excessive body lean in turns with the base suspension, and even less with Autoride. Low-speed maneuverability is aided by a relatively tight turning circle. The brakes feel strong, but some testers want better pedal modulation.”Consumer Guide

“The Tahoe’s ride is supple, but handling and braking are so-so. Trailer-towing capability is impressive.”MSN Auto-ConsumerReports

“The 2011 Chevy Tahoe is a leading choice for a traditional large SUV thanks to its comfortable cabin and ability to haul and tow. But for pure passenger use, a large crossover SUV might work out better.”Edmunds

“If you have a number of children, tow a boat or horse trailer and like the feel of a substantial V8-powered vehicle, the 2011 Chevrolet Tahoe could be just the ticket. ”KBB


General Info
Vehicle Type: SUV Base Price: $37,980.00
Fuel Tank Capacity: 26 gallons (98 liters) MPG: 15 city / 21 hwy
Length: 202 in. (513 cm) Width: 79 in. (200 cm)
Height: 76.9 in. (195 cm) Wheel Base: 116 in. (294 cm)
Curb Weight: 5906 lbs (2678 kg) Ground Clearance: 10.5 in. (26 cm)ft.
Luggage Capacity: 16.9 cu ft Maximum Seating: 8 people
Engine: 5.3L 16-Valve OHV V8 Displacement: 323 cu. in
Horsepower: 320 HP Max RPM: 5400 RPM
Torque: 335 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm Transmission: 6-Speed Automatic OD
0-60 mph: NA Max Towing Capacity: 8500 lbs (3855 kgs)
Available Trims & Engine
Option:Tahoe LT MSRP: $42,830; MPG: 15 city / 21 hwy
Option:Tahoe LTZ MSRP: $51,465; MPG: 15 city / 21 hwy