2011 Brabus Tesla Roadster Sport Green Package

Can you have a ride that is a pleasure to drive and eco-friendly? Brabus believes that with the TESLA Roadster Sport Green Package, you can get that and more! The first electric production sports car produced by the partnership of Brabus and RWE. With the union, the plan is to have a RWE-Brabus quick charging station that can be installed at home for a quick charge by its owners. The sleek appearance and environment friendly RWE Eco Electricity allows the charge to go for up to 30,000 km.

The car comes outfitted with custom made Brabus tire/wheel combination with the lightweight Brabus Mono-block S alloy wheels, redefined front profile, rear wing, and buffer made of carbon fiber for the sleeker appearance. A space sound generator is installed to muffle the undesirable electric engine sound made by modifying the engine to sound like that of a typical V8 engine or to the more futuristic sounds. The car also comes with a one year pass for free use of all public RWE charging stations to charge the vehicle even when far away from home.