2011 Bertone Jaguar B99

Nothing speaks more of art than the 2011 Bertone Jaguar B99. The key to the Bertone’s beauty is the convergence of art and science. The blend of art and science is seen in the machine’s high powered engine and design as if it were painted by a master artist like Picasso. The Jaguar is made with handmade aluminium panels which show its personality and design aesthetic. Its minimalism in its exterior and interior design shows class and exclusivity.

The B99 uses a pure hybrid power system made and developed by Bertone Energy, which leads luxury sedans in technology. The sedan includes a thermal engine for range extension and two electric motors that propel the rear wheels. Every Jaguar runs silky smooth but powerful, much like the feline named after it. The Jaguar redefines innovation and style. Enough with metaphors let the car speak for itself in silence.

The B99 uses a modular Extended Range Hybrid mechanism that utilizes twin 150kW (204 Cv) electric engines that is connected to the rear axle for propulsion. The thermal engine produces 125 kW-170 Cv for range, resulting in an output of 425 kW or 570 Cv. The thermal engine powers the Lithium-ion batteries in motion, allowing for a theoretical range of 700 km. The B99 can travel in full electric mode that produces zero emissions for 100kms.