2010 Peugeot SR1 Concept Car

With an in-line 4 1.6-liter engine, the Peugeot SR1 is able to generate as much as 313 horsepower with its turbocharged system. It has revolutionized the idea of a grand touring car with its original concept. It uses both a petrol engine as well as that of an electric motor.

The SR1 has taken a new approach in concept cars. It has paid special attention to the car’s detail from the outside in. The frame of the car has been expertly designed and engineered to promote superior performance on the streets. The interior is also well integrated to be able to provide much needed comfort and efficiency for the driver. While most concept cars are only able to comfortably accommodate two people, the SR1 provides a third seat that is strategically nestled behind the driver’s and front passenger’s seats. This car has been expertly designed to be able to meet every consumer’s requirement in terms of performance, comfort and efficiency.