2010 GeigerCars Chevrolet Camaro Kompressor

The Camaro is here to stay. Since its emergence in the market in 1966, Chevrolet has already offered several versions and generations to this muscle car. It has been tagged as an all-time favorite and would never have any worries of discontinuation.

From the massive looking first generation comes the 2010 GeigerCars Camaro Kompressor. This is definitely made and built to make their owners weep. Weep not in sadness but with joy due to the following:

• 6.2 liter V8 engine
• 91.6 horsepower per liter
• 568 horsepower at 4100 rpm
• Maximum torque is 799N m.
• Top speed of 314km/hr
• Powerful braking system
• 265/30 and 295/25 tires

Who would be able to say no to these specifications — No one with the right mind. A powerful engine that has the strength of a raging bull to push you around is not as simple as 1-2-3.
2010 GeigerCars Camaro Kompressor 480