2010 BMW 3 Series

The BMW offers a coupe and a convertible for their 2010 3 Series production. They have taken in to inspiration the previous models and have added a few extra aesthetic and mechanical features that have given these models the extra advantage. It is truly a sight to see; these cars are sure to give you a different feel from the way it looks, drives and the values.

It is not a secret that the BMW make is known for being quite high-end. While they are often known to cater to top buyers, they have introduced these models to the mid-market segment. They still offer their state of the art comforts as well as the space that any driver or passenger would truly appreciate. Above all, the most remarkable improvement that these models have to offer is the fuel efficiency it now promotes. Each of these vehicles can run at an average of 68.9 miles per gallon based from the EU test cycle that the manufacturer has conducted.