2009 Vorsteiner GTS3 BMW M3

The ingenious minds from Vorsteiner should be worshipped for their release of the limited edition GTS3 BMW M3 for both the E92 and E90. There are so many new innovations on the BMW M3 introduced with this body kit, which includes a full front bumper and hood replacement unit. Just by looking at it, you won’t be able to help yourself from admiring its artistry and technical precision that can be considered as a beauty all in itself. Fans of the BMW M3 will be pleased with the new front bumper which proudly displays an extended center mouth opening that has about a 6.35mm extra length, making the overall appearance much sleeker. There is also a fiber splitter, made entirely from carbon fiber that can improve the aerodynamics of the car.

2009 Vorsteiner GTS3 BMW M3 480

The Vorsteiner GTS3 BMW M3 body kit also makes strong improvements on the hood of the car by revising the central power dome to give it dual ventilation openings to let heat from the engine escape efficiently and allow airflow to reach the radiator and air box. All these added options provided by Vorsteiner have carbon fiber construction so you’re assured of nothing but the best quality and unadulterated craftsmanship in car modification.