1969 Holden Hurricane Concept Restored

This was one car that was not ever produced. Ever since being designed and built by Holden back in 1969, it was relegated primarily to backwater locations, languishing in dirty and unkempt garages until someone thought of trying to find this car and try to restore it.

Ahead of its Time

The Hurricane Concept car is truly one of kind and special car. Not only did it have the engine at the back of the driver, thereby making it a mid engine car, it also was the very first car to have a digital read out of its instruments. Not only that, the Hurricane was even the very first car to have a sort of navigational driver aid and a rear view camera.

This is something that we now take for granted but in the 1970s, they had no technology that can effectively do what we use now, that is satellites for GPS navigation. Instead, it relied on a system of embedded magnets on the road to be able to read where the car is going and give instructions on where to guide the driver.


Even the design of the car seems to be reminiscent of today’s high performance mid engine cars. The engine is a 4.2 liter V8 that produces 262 hp, which in 1969 was already quite a handful.

Other things that were duly noted on the car was an automatic air-conditioning that maintained the temperature inside the cabin and the use of what was a then none existent inertia reel seatbelt, also something that we take for granted nowadays.