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2012 Ferrari FF

The 2012 Ferrari FF is the successor of the 612 Scaglietti. This new model from the Ferrari Company is a four-seater, four-wheel drive car that is the most powerful and flexible car ever. FF is an acronym for Ferrari Four since it comes with four seats and is also a four-wheel drive car. The designer of the car was Pininfarina. The concept was that this car should be an unparalleled extreme sports car, has a high performance nature but with implausible flexibility, provides comfort and represent elegance. The design was ushered to provide unforgettable and unique driving experience.


The Ferrari FF 2012 is powered by a V12 direct injection 6,262 cc engine. It can deliver a power output as much as 660 horsepower and 800 rpm. The maximum torque the engine can produce is 503 lbs-ft at 6,000 rpm. From rest, this car can sprint to 60 mph within 3.7 seconds. The top speed it can reach is 208 mph.

The F1 gearbox which is a dual-clutch transaxle enables you to economized fuel by 15, 41/100 km or exactly equal to an emission of 360g/km of CO2. The car moves faster than the usual four-wheel drive system because the weight is 50% less. The electronic control system is very dynamic. Also, it has the newest damping system – the magnetorheological system (SCM3) and the latest discovery of brakes from Bembo –the carbon-ceramic brake.

Exterior & Interior

The design of the front is inspired by the Italia 458 model. There is a rear hatch that is spacious and the style of the body is shooting brake–like. Four people can be comfortably accommodated together with their luggage because this supercar has ample cabin space. Even tall passengers will be comfortably accommodated since the front and rear measurements are 1.965 m and 1.85 m respectively.

The speed of the car, gear, and rpm are displayed in a dual screen that is 5-inch in size, a touch screen on the center dash and a third screen (optional) placed in the front of passengers. The exterior color can be personalized. The available colors are Blue Tour de France, Scuderia Rosso Corsa, Rosso Rubino, Bianco, Avorio, Blue California, Blue Dubai, Verde Zeltweg, Nero, Marrone, Hanus Gold, Rosso Mugello, Grigio Silverstone, and Giallo Modena. The trim of the interior is extravagant and incorporated with carefully selected aniline leather that was treated.


Ferrari FF had already made its world’s first appearance at a motor show in Geneva. Some say that the introductory price would be around $700,000 but it is believed that it won’t be on the car market before 2012 ends.

The Competition

In terms of four door GT’s, the car can be compared to the following cars: the Mercedes-Benz CLS, Maserati Quattro Porte, the Porsche Panamera, and the Maserati Quattro Porte. But Ferrari is better when it comes to shooting-brake division. But people today don’t dwell on the same car market because each person has a personal preference of the brand and specifications. All the four door cars enumerated above have less power than Ferrari FF and are sold in a cheaper price. Above all, Ferrari FF is one of the best Ferraris. The name itself has a big impact on its prospective buyers.


General Info
Vehicle Type: Coupe Est. Price: $700,000.00
Engine: 6.2-liter V12 Horsepower: 660 HP
Transmission: Dual-Clutch F1 Gearbox Maximum Seating: 4 people
0-60 mph: 3.7 seconds Maximum Speed: 208 mph (334.6 km/h)

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