Are you a car-racing enthusiast? If you are, more likely you are familiar with what Mosler is. If you are looking for a race car to buy, then you should consider checking Mosler models. Despite being new in the industry, they still showcase their competitiveness among other race car manufacturers. Warren Mosler, the founder of Mosler Automotive, believes in ‘development through competition’ being the company’s vision. According to him, the company prioritizes the establishment of meaningful relationships with internationally competitive MT900 race teams to improve their performance as a race car manufacturing company. This just means that they value their customers’ feedback regarding their products for improvement.

If you are thinking of purchasing one from them, don’t think twice. Mosler Automotive not only wants to excel as makers of internationally competitive race cars but also on road cars. Buyers must check the latest versions of the Mosler MT900, such as the MT900M, which was only manufactured in 2010.