Changing Coolant/Antifreeze – How to Change Engine Coolant

Coolant, or antifreeze, plays a very important role during a car's normal operation. When your car is in a situation that the coolant level is consistently low, you should realize that your car's coolant may be leaking. What the job you need do is to check the cooling system to find any leaks or you can check the situation out yourself. It is very necessary for you to know how to check and add car coolant. Many people may have the green stuff in hand to keep their engines in a good condition in the winter. However, you have to know that it is also very important to keep things cool when the car is in a hot situation, such as in summer. Most people know that when they are driving cars on the road , the radiator is filled with water. They may think that the green stuff are needed only when the winter comes...

What is the functions of the radiator coolant? It will actually raises the boiling point of the water. What will this function do? It will allow the radiator coolant to carry more heat away from the engine. In other word, the radiator cooler is working. When you are driving your car on the road , things will turn to be steamy very fast. You can regard your radiator coolant as a spring dance chaperon. It can keep everything good and in a cool condition, which is very vital to prolong your car's span.

The next step is to check your coolant level. Nowadays many cars keep an opaque coolant overflow tank close to the radiator . In general , the coolant tank is made of white plastic and you can see there is enough juice in it to keep things safe. The markings will indicate that the low and high levels you are dealing with. Watch these videos for visual details on how to change your radiator coolant.
The Basic Way to Change Engine Coolant:

Refilling Coolant When Changing Thermostat:

A longer video with more details and information about the cooling system and how to replace your engine coolant:

Please keep these tips in mind when you adding coolant by yourself:

First: you should turn off the engine.

Second: you need to check the place of coolant next to the engine . You can know the level of your car's radiator coolant by this way.

Third: you had better make sure your car's engine is becoming completely cool.

Fouth: you should get rid of the radiator pressure cap . If you can still hear a hiss , it will show that the pressure is still in the system.

Fifth: if you know the pressure is still in the system , you should press the radiator pressure cap.

Sixth:The last step is to get rid of the coolant fluid. If you know how to check and add car radiator coolant , you will save a lot time and money. It is remarkable.

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